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Help us investigate Stuttering!



Volunteers who Stutter (16-60 yrs. old)



Wilfrid Laurier University Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience 

*Toronto and Waterloo Locations





Experiment Length?    

1 hour

How to sign up:

For more Information, or to sign up, please

What to expect? 

When individuals frequently stutter while speaking, these speech disruptions lead to communication difficulties. In many cases, these communication difficulties impact the daily lives of the individuals who stutter. Auditory feedback, or hearing oneself while speaking, can help to promote fluent speech.



The aim of the current study is to understand if individuals who stutter use auditory information differently than individuals who do not stutter. If individuals who stutter do in fact process auditory information differently during speech production, this information may aid in the development of treatments for stuttering.



In order to answer this research question, we will recruit volunteers ranging in age from 16-60 year old. In total this study will recruit 324 participants.



During the study you will be saying a word into a microphone many times, while listening to yourself through headphones.


This study will provide research that will help to guide the development of effective methods for treating speech disfluencies such as stuttering. 


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